We actively engage youth actors and youth-led organizations working in the field of P/CVE contributing to a number of activities including:

  • Policy development an advocacy;
  • Joint operational projects;
  • Participation in intergovernmental and/or multilateral processes; and
  • Contribution of services and technical expertise.

We are continuously working to identify new modalities to promote increased and more strategic participation of individuals and youth led organizations in the field of P/CVE.

The underpinning principles of membership to the GLAY-CVE are:

  • Legality of your organization/citizenship;
  • Necessity of your work in P/CVE in avoidance of duplication of efforts;
  • Proportionality;
  • Gender Equality within your organization ranks;
  • Non-discrimination;
  • Democracy in internal decision making;
  • Due process; and
  • Due diligence.

Membership types

Consultative status (NGOs) JOIN HERE


Associate member (Individuals) JOIN HERE